Monday, February 27, 2012

The $0 Excise Tax Explained

In November 2011, the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners made it a bit easier to build in Frederick County. But what does this mean exactly?

According to Sharon Goetz, Manager of Permitting Services for Frederick County Department of Permits and Inspections, homebuilders can now save about $500-$1000 per single family dwelling permit, and commercial developers can now save thousands of dollars related to building permits for commercial new construction due to the reduction of the Excise Tax to a $0 amount.

Background: The Excise Tax, prior to being reduced to a $0 amount, was charged on (1) all new dwelling units based on the square footage of the dwelling and (2) all new nonresidential floor area (new buildings, new additions, accessory structures, but not permits for existing floor area, like tenant fit outs). The rate for Nonresidential Excise Tax was $0.75 per square foot of floor area (per floor), so you can see how that added up quickly. Sometimes the Excise Tax for a new Nonresidential permit was tens of thousands of dollars! There were only a few exemption categories:
A. Farm construction
B. Government construction
C. Residential addition construction
D. Residential accessory structures

To read the complete ordinance change, please contact the Business Development and Retention Division at 301-600-1058.

County Representatives Visit Frederick Athletic Club

BOCC President Blaine Young, County Manager Dave Dunn, Business Development Advisory Council Vice-Chairman Drex Ryberg along with Business Development Specialist Sherman Coleman, conducted a business vist at the Frederick Athletic Club today here in Frederick County. The visit and tour was hosted by Herman King. Mr King was just recently named as the Camp Director of the facility. The facility was built in 1999 and opened in 2000. It is owned and managed by Mr. Jeff Neuman.

The facility is 24,000 square feet which includes a full size basketball court. The facility has nine employees which include a personal trainer. A child care center is on the premises and managed by four individuals. Membership is just above 2,500 and the faclity will host it's annual Stu Vetter basketball camp which runs April 22nd through July 29th.

For more information about the Frederick Athletic Club of the Stu Vetter Basketball Camp, contact Jeff Neuman or Herman King at 301-668-1919.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

County Representatives Vist Maryland Sheriffs' Youth Ranch

President of the Board of County Commissioners Blaine Young along with Commissioner C. Paul Smith joined Business Development Advisory Council member Drex Rybyrd, Director of the Business Development and Retention Division Helen Riddle and Business Development Specialist Sherman Coleman in visiting the Maryland Sheriffs' Youth Ranch in Frederick. They met with Executive Director Mark Grover who has held that position for the last five years. Mr. Grover explained how the ranch that was purchased back in 1974 and sits on 204 acres of land. The site is licensed to house 18 young men, but currently has 11. The youth ranched is geared toward helping troubled youth become productive members of society. The focus is on preparation for the residents to be able to become more educated and distance themselves from a checkered past.
There has been tremendous success and with an average GPA of current residents at 3.24. Mr Grover takes great pride in what his facility has been able to contribute to the Frederick community and the help that the Frederick comunity has provided to the facility.

EXPORT THIS! Event Held in Frederick County, MD

Frederick County, MD – February 16, 2012 - With a continued emphasis on business retention and outreach, the Frederick County Business Development and Retention Division (BDRD) partnered with Maryland/Washington, D.C. District Export Council to educate Frederick County companies on exporting.

EXPORT THIS, a program designed to show companies how they can increase their revenue and create jobs, was held in February with over 35 people in attendance. Executives from Maryland businesses and trade experts shared their knowledge on tapping into the global market and navigating the risks and the regulations and reaping the rewards of exporting.

Topics included: developing markets, financing, dealing with export controls, export assistance resources, regulatory hurdles facing exporting companies, logistic, customs and tariff challenges. The session included perspectives and case studies from experienced manufacturers, trade experts, regulatory, logistics and finance.

The Maryland/Washington, D.C. District Export Council, Inc. is one of more than 50 District Export Councils (DECs) throughout the U.S. The mission of the DEC is to promote US Exports from the Maryland/Washington, D.C. region. More information about the DEC may be found at

A video of the event is located at

Friday, February 10, 2012


FREDERICK, MD – The Frederick Board of County Commissioners announced today that the Business Development & Retention Division will now hold weekly meetings with businesses to improve interaction with local government and address concerns raised. The commissioners will also expand the county’s recognition program and publicly acknowledge accomplishments and job creation initiatives.

The Business Development & Retention Division, formerly known as the Economic Development Office, will start each week listening to the business community. Ambassador teams from the division, along with commissioners, members of the Business Development Advisory Council and county officials, will schedule Monday morning meetings with local businesses to offer assistance in navigating through county government regulatory and policy processes, receive feedback on what the county can do to better serve their needs and provide assistance in resolving issues that are hindering business operations.

Board President Blaine Young commented, “The increased frequency of these meetings which were formerly scheduled once a month is a step in the right direction for our newly reorganized division and it reflects a priority for the Board of County Commissioners. We are ‘open for business’ and here to help county businesses succeed and create more jobs. The meetings will focus on resolving problems and building relationships with both large and smaller businesses. We’re rolling out the red carpet, not more red tape.

“We also want to recognize business achievements. Each time they create a new job, we’ll acknowledge the impact they are making on the economy and quality of life in Frederick County. We have a great team in the Business Development & Retention Division and they are here to make a difference.”

In addition to expanding outreach efforts to local businesses, the county commissioners will more frequently recognize the owners, managers and employees of small, medium and large companies during public meetings which are broadcast live on FCG TV, cable channel 19, and webcast on the Internet at

Companies will be invited to share their success stories, community involvement through volunteerism, donations to local charities, jobs that are created and unique efforts to improve their operations. This new focus goes hand-in-hand with an initiative designed to boost the local economy from Frederick County Workforce Services and the Frederick County Workforce Development Board.

The county has partnered with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, City of Frederick Economic Development Department and Business Development & Retention Division to launch Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time to encourage businesses to be part of the unemployment solution by filling at least one new job in 2012.
To participate in the business outreach meetings or recognition program, contact Acting Division Director Helen Riddle at 301-600-1058 or via e-mail at

Visit the division’s website at