Friday, January 8, 2010

TransIT Connects People and Places

Connecting People & Places is more than just a slogan. TransIT connects people and places all around Frederick County, providing access to work, education, recreational and volunteer opportunities six days per week, 307 days per year. County resident, Larry Minnick, uses TransIT-plus to get from his Myersville home to Goodwill Industries in downtown Frederick where he attends adult basic education classes to develop reading, computer and travel skills. Afterwards, Larry takes a connector bus from downtown to his place of employment on New Design Road.

In addition to using TransIT for education and employment, Larry rides the bus to volunteer at Goodwill. He is one of Goodwill’s Volunteers of the Year. Store managers state, “Larry always brings excitement to the work area... and Larry is always motivated, happy and great to be around.” Patie Elsberry, Goodwill Program Manager, said, “None of this would be possible for Larry without TransIT.” Patie feels strongly that TransIT plays a vital role in her participants’ lives, as 90% of them do not have a driver’s license or own a car. She explains that TransIT benefits participants in many ways:

• Provides opportunity for participants to receive services in their many job readiness programs.
• Those who bicycle as a means of transportation can load their bikes on TransIT bus bike racks.
• Offers mobility for people with disabilities, as TransIT buses and shuttles are accessible. Buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and steps can be lowered.

Many service agencies, including Goodwill and the Freedom Center, provide travel training on TransIT buses and some offer monthly TransIT passes to clients to enable them to reach their destinations — and their goals. A travel training video is available on TransIT’s website:

Can TransIT assist you or someone you know? For more information, visit their website at or call 301-600-2065. TransIT invites you to ride and find out what 792,000 riders already know ... TransIT Connects People & Places!