Monday, June 14, 2010

Business Travels the World for Coffee

New Market, Maryland - Business is truly percolating for a Frederick County company. Dublin Roasters, a gourmet coffee roaster in New Market, has distributed its coffee through Frederick County stores and restaurants for several years.

Serina Roy, owner and master roaster, takes great pride in providing roasted-to-order coffee for each of her customers. In 2009, she decided to take a major step and open a retail store. “I had been taking my small coffee roaster and setting up at various locations to educate people about the art of coffee roasting,” Roy explained. “People would ask where they could purchase our coffee and I would have to send them to our distributors around the area. It was a natural step to open our own retail space, where customers can come and experience the roasting process firsthand.” Roy is quick to clarify that, while Dublin Roasters does provide a complimentary cup of coffee to those coming into the store, it is not a coffee shop. “Our business is all about roasting the fresh beans so you can take them home and enjoy.”

Dublin Roasters buys directly from growers around the world. For example, Roy has established a relationship with a woman-owned farm in Villa Rica, Peru, an area that has little access to healthcare or fair wages, but is rich with coffee plantations. The farm was being significantly underpaid by the Seattle-based retail coffee giant previously selling its product. “When asked if I would start roasting the beans for her, I knew it was the right thing to do,” explained Roy, “We pay her the fair market value of the beans and also set up a profit sharing program with them. Her profits have increased significantly and this is something that we can feel good about.” Roy plans to travel to Nicaragua, Guatemala and other countries that export coffee to set up similar programs. Another important part of the business is teaching local distributors about the product and the roasting process, so they can be knowledgeable when talking to customers about the coffee beans.

The company’s worldwide search for fine fair trade coffee is paying off – this year, Dublin Roasters was nominated by Roaster magazine for Roaster of the Year, and Roy is a finalist for the Entrepreneur Council of Frederick County’s 2010 Entrepreneur Awards.

Dublin Roasters is located at 75B West Main Street in New Market and is open Thursday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Other days are by appointment only. Dublin Roasters offers a Coffee Lounge in its retail store, where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee while their order is roasted. The space is also available for groups, such as book clubs. “Our general rule is that if you smell coffee roasting, you’re welcome to come into the shop!” said Roy. Dublin Roasters also offers coffee tastings and other coffee-catered events.

Visit or call 240-674-1740 for more information and to access their online store.