Friday, February 4, 2011

Commissioners Improve Business Climate

With the goal of improving the “business friendly” atmosphere in Frederick County, the Board of County Commissioners today reviewed fee reductions and changes to rules and regulations that have been identified by the business community. The recommended changes are the start of a process to consider over 200 proposals to reduce, alter or eliminate rules and regulations to help improve county processes.

The items were proposed after recent meetings with officials from the Permitting and Development Review and Economic Development Divisions and members of the Frederick Chamber of Commerce, Frederick County Builders Association, commercial business representatives and many other stakeholders.

Board President Blaine Young said, “Our initiative to work openly and collaboratively with businesses will help ease regulatory burdens during difficult economic times while at the same time making sure basic government oversight is maintained. Let it be known that we are ‘open for business’ in Frederick County. We appreciate your business and want your business.”
The board also approved an expedited commercial permit process, extension of development approval dates, plumbing code amendments and stormwater management ordinance amendments.

The changes coincide with the Board of County Commissioners’ proposed strategic goal of providing improved predictability for businesses. The goal states that “Frederick County needs to implement predictability in the business community in order to reduce inefficiencies, allow cost control, provide an effective process and increase understanding in daily business processes within Frederick County Government.”

For further information, contact Permitting and Development Review Division Director Gary Hessong at 301-600-1172 or via e-mail at