Monday, August 6, 2012

Business Visit Take Place at Fort Detrick

The Frederick County Business and Retention Division along with Richard Griffin, Executive Director for The City Department of Economic Development were guests of Tim Selby, Manager for ibExpress. IbExpress is a division of Industries for The Blind Inc. headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The mission of Industries for The Blind Inc. is to provide meaningful employment for the blind and visually impaired.. Over 50% of Industries for The Blind Inc. workforce is blind or visually impaired. Over 80% of their labor force is blind or visually impaired. A manufacturer and distributor of multiple product categories, Industries for the Blind Inc. was the first non-profit ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturer in the world. The IbExpress store is located on Ft. Detrick and has been in operation for three years. IbExpress is known for high quality products and services, competitive prices and support of corporate diversity supplier goals. The 4,800 square foot facility employs three fulltime and three part-time personnel. IbExpress is primarily an office supply store that has over 1,500 items. Business is done mostly by email or fax, but according to Tim Selby “walk in traffic has picked up.” There are eleven ibExpress centers across the Country. All skill craft products sold in the centers are either manufactured or assembled by a blind or disabled person. For more information about ibExpress, visit their website at