Thursday, October 18, 2012

Business Visit Getting a Taste of Milo’s Casual Dining

Frederick County Commissioners Blaine Young and C. Paul Smith and the Business Development and Retention team and partners paid a visit to Milo’s Casual Dining of New Market, Maryland. The visit and tour were conducted by owner Jimmy Azat. Also in attendance was the Mayor of New Market, Winslow F. Burhans III, and Town Councilman, Dennis Kimble. Milo’s Casual Dining is a family owned business serving pizza, sandwiches, Italian cold cuts, soups and other gourmet foods. The facility, which is located at 83 West Main Street in New Market opened in September, 2011 is 5,000 square feet and employs 25 people. Jimmy Azat has been in the restaurant business for over 35 years owning a multitude of different Italian restaurants. In 2007, he retired and closed his very successful restaurant Paisanos. After a few years passed, Mr. Azat decided it was time to open another restaurant. He came up with the idea of a self service version of Paisanos; which he calls Milo’s. Milo’s tavern is a separate bar next to Milo’s Casual Dining. The tavern has seven beers on tap and full high end liquor selection. All the great food from Milo’s Casual Dining is available at the pub as well as a great bar menu that can be enjoyed while watching several mounted high definition TV’s or listening to an old fashioned juke box in the corner. Milo’s Casual Dining is open for dinner seven days a week and for lunch Thursday to Sunday. For more information about Milo’s Casual Dining, or Milo’s Tavern call 301-865-2222.