Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meet Catoctin Popcorn

                    Six Questions with Bryan F. Casey, Owner, Catoctin Popcorn Company

                                                                650 Medimmune Court
                                                                Frederick, Maryland  21703

How long have you been in business?
Catoctin Popcorn has been in business since 2001.

How many employees do you have?
We have 5 full time employees and 13 part time employees.

Why do you believe you'll continue to be successful in Frederick County?
Frederick County is blessed with some of the best citizens in the country.  The people of Frederick are very supportive of small businesses and understand the unique value small business brings to the community in variety as well as service.

If your company is involved in community outreach, please share with us your involvement.
Catoctin Popcorn has extensive involvement with organizations in Frederick county and regionally.  As a result of our fundraising program we have helped community groups raise in excess of $280,000 funds.  In addition, we have given hundreds of gift baskets and goods to many of the same groups for silent auctions for their benefit.

What are you most proud of?
We purchased Catoctin Popcorn right before the start of the great recession in 2007.  I am very proud of the fact that we have been able to thrive in a very challenging environment.  I am especially proud of our team at the company which has worked so hard to help make us successful.