Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Recent Study Shows Fort Detrick continues to Fuel Economy; Ranks #1 in Visitor Spending Among MD's Military Installations

In a study released last month by the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) at Towson University and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED), a survey of Maryland's 15 military installations in Maryland revealed that Fort Detrick continues to be a major economic engine for the State of Maryland and Frederick County.

Source: RESI
The Maryland Military Installation Economic Impact Study measured the economic impacts on the state's economy based on base-specific payroll, procurement, visitor and other spending during FY 2012 and compared it to FY 2008. Overall, the study found that 15% of the state's total output can be attributed to all 15 military installations. Out of the $51.8 billion in total output for Maryland's military installations, Fort Detrick contributed $7.0 billion or 13.5%, the 3rd highest in the state.

In FY 2012, Fort Detrick supported a total of 7,566 direct workers (not including 15,844 contractors) which produced an induced economic employment of 13,371 jobs as a result of incomes spent and respent on a variety of items in the broader economy. The total employment impact for Fort Detrick was 36,782 jobs in FY 2012 for an increase of 174.6% over FY 2008.

Source: RESI
The study also measured military installation visitor spending. With 311,721 total visitors, Fort Detrick had the highest amount of in-state visitor spending among the military installations in Maryland ($44,576,103). Abderdeen Proving Grounds ranked #2 at $43,431,531.

Fort Detrick procured 409% more in total in-state purchases compared to FY 2008 with the highest spending amount in category of contracts.

Sources: DBED, Fort Detrick
To view the entire study, please click here.