Friday, November 13, 2009

Frederick County Tourism Brief Facts and Figures

The following is an excerpt from The Tourism Council of Frederick County, Maryland's 2009 Annual Report:

Despite the current economic climate, figures show Frederick County tourism is fairly steady. Hotel demand, or hotel room used by overnight visitors to the county, was up 3.3% compared to FY08. Hotel revenue was up 3.3%, however the average room rate was $82.93, a slight 1.9% decrease from FY08 showing the impact the softening economy has had on rates.

Inquiries are up, showing people are planning their future visits to the area. The Church Street Visitors Center welcomed its 1,000,000th visitor in FY09. It also greeteed 24,145 individual visitors, remaining steady compared to FY08 with less than a 1% difference in unique visits.

With strong partners and solid planning, the Tourism Council of Frederick County is ready to welcome these new visitors to Frederick County.

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