Friday, November 6, 2009

Visitation Academy: A Local, Historic Treasure

The Visitation Academy in downtown Frederick recently hosted a business visit and tour for the Office of Economic Development. The school, located on East Second Street, is for girls from
pre-K to eighth grade and is primarily made up of children from the Catholic faith, but all religions are welcomed.

The school employs 25 full time teachers. Class sizes are small, the average has 15 students; the school’s enrollment is about 125 but administrators would like to boost that to 150. Subjects taught at the Visitation Academy include: grammar, public speaking, math, science, computers, music, art and physical education.

The Visitation Academy encompasses an entire city block and includes several buildings, some outdoor play areas and a garden. The facility is one of the oldest buildings in Frederick to be used as originally planned; it was built in 1824 and established as a school by the Sisters of the Visitation in 1846. It played a role in the Civil War as a makeshift hospital housing wounded soldiers.

For more information on the school, visit their website: