Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Downtown Hotel in Frederick

Article from the City of Frederick Department of Economic Development's e-newsletter published on 2/17/10
How many times have you hosted a meeting, attended a conference, or invited out-of-town guests or clients and wished there was a hotel conference center in the Downtown Frederick? A public-private partnership spearheaded by Frederick's major employers, Chamber of Commerce, City & County Economic Development, Downtown Frederick Partnership, and Tourism Council, have initiated just such a project. The group recently completed a jointly funded feasibility study by Pinnacle/OPX which determined that the market is strong for a 200-room, full service flagship hotel and conference center capable of handling a 500-600 person event.

At a recent briefing by the hotel partnership team, Mayor Randy McClement and the City Board of Aldermen stated their support for the project which will take time and creative financing strategies. Mayor McClement has appointed local businessman Mark Gaver as the Community Chairman of the Project. A subsequent briefing by Gaver and team members to the Frederick County State Delegation in Annapolis was met with similar enthusiasm and support. Gaver stated that "this project fills a needed gap in the services for businesses and families in Frederick and particularly downtown. Together we can bring this ambitious project to fruition, create jobs and economic benefits for the city and region."

To see the feasibility report in its entirety, please visit