Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frederick County Employment and Wage Growth Facts

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation released 2009 calendar year employment and wage data and here are some highlights:

Frederick County was one of only 9 Maryland counties that experienced a positive job growth from 2005-2009, adding 491 jobs for an increase of 0.54%.

Frederick County had the 6th highest number of new jobs created during the same time frame.

Frederick County had the 2nd highest percentage of increase in average weekly wage per worker (17.52%) from 2005-2009. The average weekly wage per worker of $872 increased $130 during the past 5 years.

Industries that saw the MOST growth over the past five years were:
Professional and Business Services (17.79%)
Education and Health Services (15.38%)
Leisure and Hospitality (8.72%)

Industries that saw the LEAST growth over the past five years were:
Construction (-27.80%)
Manufacturing (-22.55%)
Information (-11.10%)

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