Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Comptroller Visits STULZ-ATS on his Better With Less Tour

Franchot to Visit Businesses that are Examples of Efficiency for Govt.-

Frederick, MD (April 19, 2011) - In an effort to highlight businesses innovatively operating at lower costs and pass along their lessons of efficiencies to government, Comptroller Peter Franchot kicked off his Better with Less tour last week.

This morning, Mr. Franchot visited STULZ-ATS to present us this prestigious award. STULZ-ATS is one of only 24 Maryland businesses honored, and the only business in Frederick County on the recipient list. On hand to greet The Comptroller and accept on the company’s behalf were Joerg Desler, VP of Production and Engineering, Thorsten Weiss, Chief Financial Officer, and Anne Shubert, Marketing Manager.

Also attending, Jodie Bollinger from the Frederick County Office of Economic Development and Richard Griffin from the City of Frederick, Department of Economic Development.