Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Resthaven Memorial Gardens

Five Questions with Richard F. Cody, President, Resthaven Memorial Gardens

U.S. 15 Frederick, MD 21701

(301) 898-7178

How long have you been in business?
Resthaven Funeral Services, Skkot Cody P.A. was incorporated in August of 2001, and granted a Funeral Establishment License by the Maryland State Board of Morticians in September of 2001.

How many employees do you have?
At this time, Resthaven Funeral Services only has one full-time employee; the president and supervising mortician. Other trade professionals are engaged as needed to assist in all stages of the services we provide. As we expand our facility to meet the needs of the increasing number of families we serve each year, more full-time staff will be added.

Why do you believe you will be successful in Frederick County?
Resthaven Funeral Services is located at Resthaven Memorial Gardens, and for over 50 years, Resthaven Memorial Gardens has been reaching out to families to make their burial arrangements, and since Resthaven Funeral Services was established, their funeral arrangements, years in advance of need when possible. Over 10,000 people own cemetery property at Resthaven, and Frederick is continuing to grow. It’s a nice place to live, with good schools, good food, and now a more business-friendly environment, so many people will move here and stay here.

If your company is involved in community outreach, please share with us your involvement.
Resthaven Funeral Services, in conjunction with Resthaven Memorial Gardens and other professionals, does provide informational seminars on end-of-life planning to church groups and other civic associations. This is general information that everyone needs at some point, and is not specific to Resthaven. Many people have found this to be of great value, and we plan to offer this service to the public on a regular basis when we complete our expansion.

What are you most proud of?
We are able to provide funeral services, burial or mausoleum property, and cremation services all at one location. We are also a dog-friendly establishment, and we are very proud of that. Dogs (and cats) are family, too, and we serve our families to the best of our abilities.