Wednesday, November 26, 2014

October Frederick County Monthly Business Economic Indicators Released

The October edition of the Frederick County Monthly Business Economic Indicators is now available on our website. Here are a few highlights:

• The unemployment rate for Frederick County has reached the second lowest point in 2014 at 4.8%
• The residential housing market is positive in all categories compared to this time last year: 17.5% increase in the number of new housing units sold, average price is up 0.5% and more homes listed for sale at a 27.3% increase.
• This was the second busiest October in 5 years in the commercial and industrial market with 72 new commercial & industrial permits.

Recently, a copy was found of the August 1973 Brief Industrial Facts for Frederick County and we thought it would be interesting to post along with the October 2014 Monthly Business Economic Indicators. Interestingly, the unemployment rate is the same in both reports but not much else remains the same!