Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Business Appreciation Month Business Profile: BioAssay Works

As a courtesy for being a part of the Frederick County Office of Economic Development (OED) 2010 Business Appreciation Month (BAM), we have offered all Frederick County BAM businesses the opportunity to use OED’s social media outlets to help market their business. Information is provided by each company and edited for content as needed by OED.

BioAssay Works is producing concentrated gold sol, gold conjugates and custom conjugation for nanoparticle research. We also offer rapid-assay development services resulting in ultra-sensitive rapid assays with ELISA-like sensitivity. Gold sols are produced from 15 to 50 OD. The proprietary process avoids the routine boiling and centrifugation steps to remove free antibody producing uniform monomer particles optimized for rapid-assays. Also offered is our new, KIM-1 acute kidney marker rapid assay as well as ELISA format. For additional information, contact Stephen Mefferd at 301-874-8888.