Monday, October 18, 2010

Downtown Frederick Receives National Planning Recognition

Washington Business Journal, Jeff Clabaugh
Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010

The American Planning Association’s 2010 list of Great Neighborhoods, Streets and Public Spaces is short on Washington-area locations, with just two in the region making the list. Downtown Frederick made its list of Great Neighborhoods, while Middleburg’s Washington Street made the cut for this year’s list of Great Streets.

The nonprofit has been putting its list together since 2007 and says places are selected for the list for their true sense of place, noteworthy social, cultural or historical character, community involvement, resilience, and a vision for the future.

“Places of distinction and unique character are found not only in big cities or selected states, but everywhere,” said APA CEO W. Paul Farmer. “These American Planning Association Great Places demonstrate the benefits of good planning and planning implementation, often over generations.”