Monday, October 27, 2014

Business Appreciation Week: Day 1 - Frederick and Home Based Businesses

Today kicks off the first day of the 14th Annual Business Appreciation Week in Frederick County where we will be visiting over 100 businesses all week long with teams of economic development ambassadors!

It also happens to be Economic Development Week in the state of Maryland so this week, we are extending our gratitude for the businesses that make Frederick County a unique and prosperous place to live, work and play. Business Appreciation Week gives our office a chance to hear first hand from our businesses what it is like to do business in our County and gives us a new perspective on the many talents our companies possess.

Today we are visiting home-based businesses and companies in Frederick with the 21702 and 21703 zipcodes.

Home Based Businesses: Did you know?
  • A New Home Based Business is started every 12 seconds
  • There are 38 million Home Based Businesses in the USA
  • 70% of the Home Based Business succeed within 3 years versus 30% of regular business
  • 44% of Home Based Business are started for under $5,000
  • 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed
  • $427 billion per year is made by Home Based Business
About Frederick (zip code 21702)
  • Population is 40,428 
  • 1,058 business
  • Population growth rate 2010-2014 is 0.8%

About Frederick (zip code 21703)
  • Population is 34,017
  • 725 businesses
  • Population growth rate 2010-2014 is 0.47%