Friday, October 31, 2014

Business Appreciation Week: Last Day- Frederick Area

It's the last day of Business Appreciation Week and we are sad to say that our week is almost over. This week has been insightful, enlightening and most of all, positive! Don't forget we have a Scavenger Hunt going on with chances to win a gift bag just by guessing the correct business! To play along and view photographs of where we have been so far, follow us on Facebook.

Today, our teams are visiting the Frederick areas including the unincorporated areas of Ijamsville, Libertytown, Point of Rocks as well as the Census-designated area of Urbana. Our travels today also take us to one of Frederick's major employers, our business incubator - Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc (FITCI), and to the thriving area of Riverside Research Park.

Here are some 'Did You Knows' about Business Incubators from the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA):
  • Every 50 jobs created by an incubator client generate approximately 25 more jobs in the same community.
  • 87 percent of all firms that have graduated from their incubators are still in business.
  • Incubators create jobs at a cost of about $1,100 each, whereas other publicly supported job creation mechanisms cost more than $10,000 per job created.
Urbana Facts:
  • Population - 10,625 people
  • Population growth rate 2010-2014 - 5.3%
  • Home to major headquarters such as Fannie Mae, Banner Life Insurance and the Social Security Administration's Data Center
We have heard so many great things about doing business in Frederick County and we are looking forward to compiling our findings into a report to be available soon. To receive a copy of the report when it becomes available, please click here.