Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Business Appreciation Week: Day 2 - Areas of Thurmont and New Market/Linganore

Today's Business Appreciation Week teams will be visiting the areas of Thurmont and New Market/Linganore. The Town of Thurmont and Thurmont's Main Street Manager is joining us on today's visits to celebrate business in our towns!

Did You Know?
  • Thurmont is home to the largest cascading waterfall in the state of Maryland (78 feet) Cunningham Falls and an old homestead can still be seen at the top of the Falls.
  • Each year, over 125,000 people visit Thurmont for Catoctin Colorfest, which began in 1963, making it one of the largest festivals of its kind on the east coast. 
  • New Market is considered the Antiques Capital of Maryland.
  • John Vincent Atanasoff, Bulgarian-American inventor who lived and passed away in New Market, created the first binary computer, Atanasoff–Berry Computer while writing the concept in 1937 on a cocktail napkin after having a few glasses of scotch whiskey

Thurmont (21788 zip code) Facts:
  • Population is 11,328
  • Population growth rate from 2010-2014 is -0.32%
  • 278 businesses

New Market (21774) Facts:
  • Population is 12,8727
  • Population growth rate from 2010-2014 is 1.9%
  • 210 businesses