Monday, March 5, 2012

County and City Officials visit Interfaith Housing Alliance

Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young, Paul Smith along with Alderman Karen Young were accompanied by Helen Riddle of the Business Development and Retention Division of Frederick County and Heather Gramm of The Frederick City Department of Economic Development, on a business visit to the Interfaith Housing Alliance. The contingent was hosted by President Patricia Motter and VP of Business Development Travis Hardmon. This meeting was set up as part of the BOCC's weekly business visits conducted by Business Development Specialist Sherman Coleman.
IHA has been headquartered in Frederick for the past 21 years. They are responsible for 1100 housing units. Their focus is on rehab and smaller development. They directly address workforce housing for teachers, firefighters, policemen, first responders and seniors.
The Alliance has been at it's current location for 12 years and operate with a staff of 12 full-time employees and two part-time and most recently two interns from Hood College.
Finacial assistance is acquired through corporate funding, government support and donations.
For more information about the IHA visit their website www.interfaithhousing .org