Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Business Visits Off To a Soaring Start

The BOCC’s new initiative for conducting business appreciation visits weekly kicked off in February with two exciting business visits. These visits are to continue throughout the year and are organized by Sherman Coleman, Business Development Specialist for the Business Development and Retention Division of Frederick County.

The first visit was conducted at the Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch in Frederick County. President of the Board of County Commissioners Blaine Young along with Commissioner C. Paul Smith,, joined Business Development Advisory Vice-Chairman Drex Ryberg and Acting Director Helen Riddle and Business Development Specialist Sherman Coleman for a tour of the facility and adjoining property. They met with Executive Director Mark Grover who has held that position for the last five years. Mr. Grover explained how the ranch that was purchased back in 1974 and sits on 204 acres of land. The site is licensed to house 18 young men, but currently has 11. The youth ranch is geared toward helping troubled youth become productive members of society. The focus is on preparation for the residents to be able to become more educated and distance themselves from a checkered past.

There has been tremendous success and with an average GPA of current residents at 3.24 Mr. Grover takes great pride in what his facility has been able to contribute to the Frederick community and the help that the Frederick Community has provided to the facility.

The second visit was held at the Frederick Athletic Club and the participants were BOCC President Blaine Young, County Manager Dave Dunn, BDAC Vice-Chairman Drex Ryberg and Business Development Specialist Sherman Coleman.

The visit and tour was hosted by Herman King. Mr King was just recently named Camp Director of the facility. The facility was built in 1999 and was opened in 2000. It is owned and operated by Mr. Jeff Neuman. The facility is 24,000 square feet which includes a full size basketball court. The facility has nine employees which includes a personal trainer. A child care center is on the premises and is managed by four individuals. Membership is just above 2,500 and the facility will host its annual Stu Vetter basketball camp which runs April 22nd through July 29th.

For more information about the Frederick Athletic Club or the Stu Vetter Basketball Camp, contact Jeff Neuman or Herman King at 301-668-1919.