Monday, March 26, 2012

FMH Open Doors For Business Visit

Tom Kleinhanzl, President and CEO of Frederick Memorial Hospital and Ken Coffey, Vice President and (Cheif Development Officer (CDO) were hosts for the weekly business visit held at FMH.
Mr. Kleinhanzl shared their recent improvements, which included the completion of the new "Wing C", and future plans for the hospital.
The hospital's core mission is acute care and there has been a 9% increase in patient enrollment over the past three years. There are approximately 1,700 re admissions a year. Mr. Kleinhanzl touched on how 40 millions dollars were spent on things such as new beds, the new parking garage, major physical renovations within the hospital and other routine expenditures.
The hospital is rated a level six out of seven on the IT scale involving electronic medical records, which ranks the hospital in the upper tier of new technology for hospitals.
According to Mr. Kleinhanzl community involvement is the key and giving back to the community is one of the ways the hospital accomplishes this goal. The hospital provides free blood work and radiology to the Mission of Mercy. Benefits given to the local community are in excess of 21 million dollars.
The hospital currently operates independently and does not see a need to merge with any other hospital in the future. Both Mr. Kleinhanzl and Mr. Coffey feel the future outlook for the hospital is bright.