Tuesday, March 13, 2012

County officials visit historic Bjorlee Museum

Frederick County Comissioner Paul Smith and County Manager Dave Dunn met with Maryland School For The Deaf Superintendent James Tucker at the historic Bjorlee Museum at the Frederick campus. This visit is part of the new weekly business visits initiative that the BOCC started last month. Also present at the meeting was Acting Director Helen Riddle of the Frederick County Business and Retention Division and Heather Gramm Business Development Specialist for the City of Frederick.
The school was established in 1868 and the museum was opened in 2008. The school is comprised of two campuses. One is located in Columbia while and the other in Frederick, with total enrollment of 492 students. The Columbia campus opened it's doors in 1972. The school uses a public school curriculum and offers a high school diploma.
Approximately 2/3 of the students live outside of Frederick County. Student enrollment is typically 450-500 students and Superintendent Tucker feels that is a goood number so there are no immediate plans for expansion.
The school consists of 65 acres and has 275 employees. It is also the 16th largest employer in Frederick County.
Superintendent Tucker was awarded the Lifetime Educator Award in March of 2011 at the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce 8th Annual Live Here-Work here awards ceremony at the Weinberg center.